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Choral Corner #3: Why do Orthodox choirs need to rehearse? Everyone knows the tones by heart.

Having the tones memorized is a great start, but that's precisely what it is: a start. In the Orthodox tradition, the melodies serve the text, which always takes precedence because it contains the richness of our theology. The choir has a sacred dual function: the render thankful praise and supplication to God on behalf of all, and to create a prayer book the faithful can read with their ears.

Vocal technique, intonation and diction have a direct and critical impact on the intelligibility of the text, and therefore on the effective fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20). Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing choral sound invites the faithful to listen attentively — not to the beautiful singing for its own sake, but to the Truth it communicates.

Consequently, rehearsal is an act of musical stewardship. It builds bonds of love and fellowship within the choir, deepens singers' knowledge of our services and liturgical life, and helps strengthen their vocal and musical and skills to become more effective evangelists.

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