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Choral Corner #33: An Anaphora fun fact!

Immediately before the choir sings "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord of Sabaoth! Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory," the priest chants the exclamation: "...singing the triumphant hymn, shouting, proclaiming and saying...". The four methods of vocalization (singing, shouting, proclaiming, saying) are reference to the angels the Prophet Ezekiel saw in a vision (Ez. 1:10), appearing in the form of four animals: the eagle (singing), the bull (shouting), the lion (proclaiming) and the man (saying). In the words of Archpriest D. Sokolof: "The words 'singing, shouting, proclaiming and saying' mean that we should sing the glory of God jointly with those higher angels who surround the throne of these faces [of the four animals] are merely symbols of the spiritual qualities or forces of the angels, the praise uttered in the voices of the four angelic faces is uttered with all the forces of the soul.'" (Sokolof, A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services, Print Shop of St. Job of Pochaev, 2001, p. 75)

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